INTERVIEW: McNabb looking forward to further education

INTERVIEW: McNabb looking forward to further education
Hockey Canada's Corey McNabb is a guest speaker at this weekend's SIH Seminar in Dundee

Hockey Canada’s Corey McNabb is a guest speaker at this weekend’s SIH Seminar in Dundee

HE’S HERE to educate Scotland’s coaches about the basic skills involved in teaching new and young players, but Corey McNabb is hoping to learn too.

Hockey Canada’s Director of Hockey Development Programme is in Dundee this weekend with Bob Caldwell, the organisation’s Chairman of Athletic Development Committee and Master Mentor to speak at the SIH Seminar.

And McNabb, who speaks a variety of events similar to this one admits he still learns things from the people he talks to.

He said: “Every time you get in a room with a bunch of hockey coaches you can learn something so I am looking forward to seeing and learning what is done here in Scotland.

“There’s always something we can take back to Canada as well and although we are an established hockey country we have many similar challenges too.

“Looking ahead, I’m sure there will be ideas and best practices we can take back and share in our country as well.

“The main thing we want to get across when dealing with teaching skills is making sure that first and foremost the coaches make it fun for the kids.

“Secondly it’s about teaching the fundamentals so the kids have a good foundation to play the game and the main tips we pass along are the use of good drills, video and practice plans to help coaches with the progressions.”

“We’re really looking forward to the trip and sharing what we do in Canada with the coaches from Scotland as well as taking the opportunity to learn about your hockey structure here.

“It’s always a great atmosphere to share and learn what other countries are doing too.”

McNabb acted as a mentor to seminar organiser and SIH National Program Coaching Co-ordinator Steven Lynch at an IIHF coaching event in Finland earlier this year.

And the two men hit it off and worked together as Lynch put together his programme of development for coaching in the UK.

And McNabb outlined his basic fundamentals before praising Lynch for putting this weekend together.

He added: “In my role with Hockey Canada, I always look to create good resources for coaches to use when developing players and help to train and teach coaches how to use the resources to maximise their coaching abilities on the ice.

“For me, it’s really that simple and if you provide coaches with the best tools you can and you will see results.

“But working with Steven Lynch has been fantastic and since we met in Finland back in July we’ve shared a lot of the same ideas and passions for the game.

“With him, I was able to share a lot of the things we do in Canada so he took the ball and ran with it to organise the sessions this weekend to emulate what we do.

“It takes a lot of work to pull something like together but when it is for developing coaches who can then develop players it is always a rewarding experience.

“Steven’s willingness to keep progressing the system in Scotland is very admirable and I’m looking forward to seeing at first hand how the weekend pans out.”


Hockey Canada's Corey McNabb is a guest speaker at this weekend's SIH Seminar in Dundee

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