INTERVIEW: SIH coaches hopeful of insightful weekend

INTERVIEW: SIH coaches hopeful of insightful weekend
Dundee will host this weekend's Seminar

Dundee will host this weekend’s Seminar

SIH NATIONAL Program Coaching Co-ordinator Steven Lynch is hopeful this weekend’s seminar is the latest step to help produce stars of the future.

Over 100 coaches are expected to attend the ‘Teaching Coaches how to Teach’ seminar in Dundee this weekend as the governing body looks to improve the standard of the game.

And Lynch is looking long term for results as he and his coaching team, including SIH coaches Jim Watson and Barry Carnegie, sow the seeds of development.

He said: “What I hope to get from it is raise the standard of coaching, to increasing the standard of player and which should make our Scottish national team better in the annual Conference.

“Then in turn, turning these players into top flight players in the Elite League and fully fledged internationals in the GB team.

“This is the next step in the process following on from the seminar we had in Edinburgh last year about raising the standard of coaching.”

Hockey Canada’s Director of Hockey Development Programme, Corey McNabb and Chairman of Athletic Development Committee and Master Mentor, Bob Caldwell are coming to Scotland to speak at the event.

The seminar, taking place this Saturday and Sunday includes a mostly classroom setting, but will move on to the ice for the later sessions.

And Lynch revealed how the seminar came together and spoke of how he persuaded McNabb to come and speak.

He added: “I went to an IIHF Coaching Seminar in Finland back in July and one of the things I had to do was to put together a development plan to improve coaching in the UK.

“I met Corey McNabb out there and he mentored me in the week I was over there and just talking to him, we decided to put together a coaching education programme.

“Through that, we came up with the title of ‘Teaching coaches how to teach’ and he gave me some recommendations and ideas.

“I put my proposal to the IIHF, who approved it and when putting it together, I asked Corey if he would speak at it, bringing Bob Caldwell with him and that’s how it all came about.”

All junior games have been postponed this weekend as well as all bar one in the SNL as SIH look for an obligatory attendance from coaches from all age groups.

SIH’s head coach Jim Watson is hopeful this weekend will provide a two-way insight for the two guests.

He said: “I think Corey and Bob will gain an insight into what we do here, or perhaps what we don’t in Scottish Ice Hockey.

“We work in a hockey environment and Canadians and North Americans get their eyes opened at how things work here. That’s where we hope they can help, in giving us pointers in where to improve.

“We’re tied in with USA Hockey and Hockey Canada and the world is a smaller place now, so we’re able to connect with people 3,000 miles and tap into their expertise on a more regular basis.

“It’s a big improvement and can do a lot to the development of the game in this country and I hope these presentations in time can help bring through good quality in years to come.”


Dundee will host this weekend's Seminar

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